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OOC update.

Just a lil' lo-down on my current situation:

Things are going surprisingly well. I'm working my ass off, but the point is, it's PAYING off, which is nice for once.

I have two of the essays done. Turns out the short story was optional, so I'm not going to do it. The creative writing paper due this friday is only supposed to be 10-20 pages, not 20 pages...and I think I may be able to get an extension for the one due Monday because I explained to the teacher that I'm going to be away literally all weekend. Luckily my teacher's pretty chill and it helps that she actually likes me. So there's that.
I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time otherwise I'll literally go insane.
It was just SUCH a good feeling passing in that history essay this morning. I was just like YUP. HERE YOU GO. TAKE IT FROM ME. And he was all: "Cool, bro--thanks for passing it in" because a ton of people in my class didn't. : I

Also pages 156/157 of Cuanta Vida made me have feelings.

So yeah. Life. It's goin'. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though.



Schoolwork sucks guys. I have about an accumulated...6 essays to do within the next week. Three Englishes and AP European History'll do that to ya. So if I am suddenly inactive, it is due to this. Wish me luck :D


Morale Post 003: A Note on Health

It seems that I have caught a nasty case of the flu. And the frigid state of my lab is not helping matters.
Despite my illness, know that I am on the lookout for the person who has infected me.
I cannot stress enough the issue of personal clenliness. If you do not wash your hands, I swear right now that I will cut them off, soak them in iodine, and then return them. Pray you don't have to die for the respawn machine to reattach your pitiful body parts, because I won't do it for you.

That being said, does anyone know how to fix a heater?

OOC: Critique

Seems we have one of these going around...
I'm almost afraid to ask, but my curiosity is greater. BLU Medic. How am I doing? xD

OOC notes 3


Morale Post 002: From the Medic's Journal

My office just seems to be a den of stress and problems. I don't have it clean for five minutes and already the floor is covered in blood. What a mess.

Oh yes, and Scout, too. He is also a mess. Why he gets himself into these situations I have no idea.

I hate to say it, too, but I think I may have been a bit...hasty in my diagnosis. The boy's nose is quite obviously broken, but upon further examination, he also appears to have fractured three ribs, which, I worry, may have done some internal damage.

Oh dear. It appears that I am a bit out of practice.


OOC: leave of absence

Going down to Boston tomorrow for National Portfolio day like a responsible prospective college student.
So, Alas, Otto von Stross will not be around to interact with others. I will be back later tomorrow evening.
Our Soldier is hunting the Scout, who has claimed sanctuary in my medical lab.
An interesting situation, I must say.